dōTERRA Wellness Advocate Volunteers at Her Local Hospital and Hospice

Jennifer Thomas volunteers to help with issues from car accidents to the stomach flu at her local ER.

Like many doTERRA Wellness Advocates, Colorado resident Jennifer Thomas has a busy schedule and daily responsibilities that take up her time. However, Jennifer still makes time to help her local community by volunteering at the Delta Memorial Hospital and the Hope West Hospice Care Center. Both of these institutions serve people who struggle with life-limiting illnesses and common sicknesses that require the help of doctors, nurses, and caring volunteers.

At the Delta Memorial Hospital, Jennifer volunteers in the Emergency Room Department. She provides support to doctors and nurses by changing bedding, delivering blood work to labs, and helping with X-ray follow ups. During her volunteer work in the emergency room, Jennifer assists with patients who are suffering from a wide variety of injuries and sicknesses—from car accident injuries to the stomach flu. The most common reasons for emergency room visits in the United States include chest pain, abdominal pain, broken bones, infections like the common cold or flu, head trauma, back pain, skin infections, and more.1

Jennifer sees a variety of people in the emergency room, but appreciates the chance she has to meet people from all walks of life and assist them when they are in pain or discomfort. She says, “Volunteers are very important at the hospital—we do the things that doctors or nurses don’t have time to. We can offer a smile or reassuring touch when these people feel like everything is coming down around them.”