Meet Julie

There IS more to life!
If you are stuck and trying to figure out what you want to do with your life, then let me take a moment of your time and explain why. After years of trying to figure it out myself, I have landed in the place that I am in now.

I have always thought that I wasn’t quite doing what I was meant to do and through many years of trial and error, I finally found the place where I feel most at home. I am an entrepreneur who has never settled but always strived to get more out of life. We only have a limited amount of time to really enjoy life and I was starting to feel like time was running out. I am an over middle aged woman who has had some success in my life but never quite felt like anything really fit who I was. I have done everything from signing telegrams in college, to working at a police station in a non-uniformed position.


Along the way, I had tried my hand at owning my own business and some were great and others were not so great, if you know what I mean! My most recent attempt actually was just short of amazing! I owned a small gift shop in a small town for nine years and loved every minute of it until I realized that I was really getting tired of trying to sell people stuff that needed to be dusted. Honestly, don’t we all just have too much stuff anyway? After nine years in the retail gift business, I found myself actually trying to talk my much loved customers out of buying knick knacks and started offering them more useful, purposeful motivational types of gifts. It was at that time that I introduced essential oils into my retail stores mix of inventory.


I had no idea how one single decision was going to change my life.

When my first bottles arrived and I opened them I had a feeling of empowerment that I had not felt before and that started me on my new journey.

I shortly after closed my retail store and continued to use the space to teach essential oil classes and I love every minute of it!


Inside those little bottles, I found something really special, it is still all kind of crazy to me. I realize that some just will never get it, but I really do believe that every single person can benefit from using essential oils in their lives for some reason or another.

I found that there are plenty of people selling oils but what is lacking was is a continuous of education. That became part of my new mission. Let me share with you the ways in which essential oils can help you live a more natural chemical, free life. At the same time, I will provide you with solid education that will allow you to continue to learn about how to incorporate the oils into your life.